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Eskadern has more than 25 years experience in Enterprise Performance Management.


We work in partnership with Metapraxis, a leader in strategic planning, financial analysis and data visualisation.


We are the official reseller and implementation partner of Metapraxis for the Nordic region.

Empower your CFO and make a difference in the result of your business.

Understand your Business Drivers and make decisions with confidence.


We believe that making the right decisions requires more than information and technology. Our solutions provide you with time, competence, processes and tools for analysis and communication leading to improved business results. Our concept “Tomorrow’s CFO” will transform your finance organisation and contribute to effective and high quality decisions in line with your strategy. A modern CFO aligns strategy, finance and operations and drives dialogue across borders.


Our brand “Time-to-Think” TM illustrates the importance of spending quality time to gain insight of past outcome. It also assists in analysing future trends before making business decisions. As a result of using Eskadern, your decisions and actions will be based on a professional analysis of business drivers. We will guide you in making confident decisions. We always work with your management team and senior stakeholders.


Our experts in strategy, finance and technology work with your in-house teams to capitalise on the strengths of your existing business processes and data sources – and how to improve them.


“We are passionate about releasing the full potential of the CFO as a strategic partner to drive improved business performance.”